*** UPDATE: We have raised enough money and have had our central unit installed! ***

The work we do here at Peace, Love and Animals is so rewarding. As we take in a dog that is frightened, sick, and scared, we cuddle it close to let it know that it is safe now. As always, our first concern is to see to the medical needs of the dog. Many times, a trip to the vet can be a very costly expense. Puppies sometimes come to us with parvo, older dogs can have dental disease, we've seen abused dogs with hip dislocations, dogs that have hernias or seizures, dogs that need worming, spaying and neutering, vaccinating, dogs that have skin diseases, and the list goes on and on. But that is why we are here. These dogs did not ask to be neglected and abused by humans, they only want to love and be loved; they deserve that.

We have so many wonderful volunteers that give tireless hours to let these dogs know that they are loved. As the Director, I love to watch “my kids” (as I call them) spending time with our dogs. They have the energy to run across the field with one to see who can run the fastest, them or the dog. Then, they are rolling around on the grass with puppies all over them, with laughter in the air. But sometimes, the moods are mellow when the afternoons are hot. You will see them in the shade with dogs curled up in laps, brushing their coats and taking those lazy afternoon naps. This is the rewarding side of what we do, and I love this, it makes me smile.

But not everything about running a rescue is so easy and fun. The love is the easy part. The hard part is providing them a proper place to live until that “forever home” can be found. Since we are a Non-Profit Organization, we operate completely on donations. Most of the money we receive is spent on the medical needs of the dogs. When we do have some extra funds, we take those baby steps toward the construction of our building. We have been in operation for a year now and our building is still not complete. Sadly, we did not have any air conditioning in our building during this extremely miserable summer that we had. We tried to save and did some fundraising and thought our prayers were answered when we had a used central unit donated to us. Unfortunately our hearts sank when the unit turned out to be 24 years old and not worth the effort to install. Recently, our prayers have been answered. After weeks of working with a company out of Tennessee, they have stepped up and are willing to help us. They have worked a contract with one of their suppliers and will be getting us a NEW 5 ton central unit at a fraction of the cost. This company will then volunteer the labor and material to install the unit. What a blessing for our dogs!! Such a blessing, but when I say a fraction of the cost, it is still going to cost us $3000. This is still a very big expense for such a small rescue.

We need your help. We have 30 days to raise the funds for this unit. We are reaching out to our friends, families, and neighbors in our time in need. It broke my heart this summer knowing what the heat was in the building. We were trying to cool it with fans but it just wasn’t enough. I just can’t bear the thought of a cold and miserable winter. We have to find a way. We have been blessed with this company's help and now we are begging for yours. Donations can be made through our donations page or mailed to: Peace, Love and Animals, 19135 Nuclear Plant Rd. Tanner, AL 35671. All donations are tax deductable.

We work so hard to give these dogs a good life and to find them that “forever home”. But until then, they deserve a full tummy, a healthy body, and a safe, comfortable place to curl up at night.

Cathy Oakley
Director Peace, Love and Animals

If you would like to help, please donate or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information