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deacon_sleepI’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry. I have to keep to keep telling myself that. Peace, Love and Animals has been blessed to have rescued so many dogs. We love our dogs and there is such a natural “high” among our volunteers when that email goes out that one of our “babies” has gotten adopted. But on this particular email, there were tears of joy and tears of sadness.  Sometimes a special fellow comes along that touches everyone, leaves his paw print on their heart, and then has to move on. This was our Deacon.

Deacon was probably the most popular dog at Peace, Love and Animals. He even had his own fan club on Facebook! There were so many applications received for his adoption that is was unbelievable. But of all the great applications, there was one that just stood out among the rest. We only wanted the best for Deacon and this application seemed to fit everything we were looking for. Wonderful Vet referral, great personal references, and experience with Great Danes. So I picked up the phone to call Carrie to schedule the home visit. This is the true test. We want to see how Deacon feels in her home. Is he going to be comfortable? Will he feel relaxed? How will he interact with her? Is she going to be comfortable with him? Is this going to be a good match? My heart is pounding. I have emailed several times with Carrie and we have talked on the phone many times too. I really like her and I feel like it is going to be perfect. But my heart is still pounding.

deacon_yardIt is Sunday, morning and Tammy, Deacon, and I are headed to Memphis. I am not going to cry, I am not going to cry. I have to keep telling myself that.  Deacon is a great traveling companion. He simply lounges out in the back of the car and lets us chauffeur him around. As the miles pass us by, our conversations are filled with stories of our Deacon as we “travel down memory lane”. When we pull in to the drive, Carrie meets us in the front yard, eager to meet her new “baby”. This makes me feel good. Deacon is excited with all of the attention. He is not sure what is going on, but he knows something is up.

Carrie’s home is wonderful. Perfect for a Dane.  Having had a Dane before and lived with Dane’s for most of her life, she knew how to prepare for Deacon. There is raised food and water bowls, extra large beds in every room, and toys to entertain the over-sized pup. Deacon is eager to check out everything. As we venture outside to explore the yard, I began to notice mixed emotions in Deacon. It was at that moment I think he knew. He felt a since of comfort here. He knew he would be loved. He relaxed and started exploring. Happiness came across his face and then the tail started to wag. He was home.

I left a part of my heart in Memphis that day, curled up on one of those extra large beds, sleeping so peaceful with his new Momma at his side.  Writing this final chapter was very hard. I knew it was closure. For all of us at Peace, Love and Animals, there will never be another one quite like Deacon. This magnificent giant touched so many.  There hangs a little tag in our kitchen engraved “Deacon”, it is a constant reminder of the challenging Journey we must do each day to rescue these precious dogs.  Deacon’s Incredible Journey has ended, but his incredible journey with his new mom and forever home has just begun. Bless you Carrie, for a match made in Heaven.


Cathy Oakley
Director Peace, Love and Animals

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