Featured Adoptable: Reba

reba2Reba is a very sweet girl that is looking for an athletic friend who would like to be her active companion. Reba would make a great friend to take along for those afternoon runs. She is in great shape and full of energy so you will have to be in good shape yourself to keep up with her! Her beautiful red “highlights” and pouty lips earned her the name Reba from the famous singer, Reba McEntire. Of course, we think she is just as beautiful as that famous country red head. So throw on your running shoes and come meet Reba!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if are interested in giving Reba a chance in your home!

Whenever we get a new resident here at Peace Love and Animals, our first priority is making sure they are healthy. While most of our dogs just require updated vaccinations and a spay or neuter surgery, we always have a few that we consider 'special needs' due to illness or injury. Before these babies can find their new forever home we have to get them well! Here's just a few of our current residents that have ongoing medical needs, for which contributions to our vet bill would be greatly appreciated!

Marty marty

Marty came to us from a hoarding situation along with 31 other family members. At some point in his life, Marty got his hip injured. Even though it healed on its own, Marty is going to need surgery in order to restore full movement and be pain free. Can you help us pay for this lifechanging surgery for Marty?



Olivia found us after being hit by a car and having her back leg shattered. She was very underweight and wasn't going to be able to walk properly again without surgery on her leg to repair it. She has since had the surgery and is recovering well, but we're still looking for help to pay the $3200 surgery bill! She is still on mandatory bed rest, but is a big love-bug!



Woody was brought to us as a sick little baby. He's trying his best right now to recover from a very severe case of pneumonia, but that requires expensive antibiotics and other medicines to keep his fever down. Would you please donate to help sponsor him?



We would like to thank United Launch Alliance for a generous donation towards helping some of our not-yet-adoptables with their medical bills! Marty needs hip surgery, Olivia came to us with a shattered leg, and Woody has been fighting pneumonia. They send their thanks and so do we!

We are currently taking in animals affected be the recent tornados and severe storms that went through north Alabama on April 27th. If you have lost a pet please take a look at our facebook or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are also taking in any donations to help with the relief efforts. Any donations of food or supplies will help us help families in need and the dogs that need our assistance through these tough times.

Please contact us if you would like to open your heart and help us get through this disaster.

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